Monday, January 24, 2011

Here is an old blog i found, it makes me laugh

So yea, i just finished all five seasons of lost and all i have to say is "i'm lost".  There are so many things in that show that brain fuck you.  Seriously i found myself yelling at the end of just about every episode.  Most of the time its just me yelling but other times i'm yelling things like "BULLSHIT, WTF, HOW THE FUCK, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING, AND WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY"  But more importantly is the story.  The writers really thought about what they wanted to show and how they wanted to show it.  Not many tv shows do this anymore.  Usually tv shows just give you a mind fuck once or twice a season, but not lost.  Oh lord no, they fuck with you every goddamn episode.  And the sad thing is i love it. 
I love a good twist in a movie or show.  Movies like momento or primer.  Movies that make you think and movies that make you emotional are usually the best ones.  And lost gives you all these things and more.  The only problem after watching lost is, your still gonna be lost when it all said and done.  For every question you get, you will get 10 more.  Dont get me wrong, they answer alot but just to fuck with you they give you even more.  After watching all five seasons i only got one prediction right.  The rest of the time i was way off. 
They are ending the show with season six which starts in january, i can only hope they answer all the questions and end the show proper.  Right now i think its one of the best shows to date, but depending on how the final season plays out, im either going to curse it, or love it.  With that said i suggest you watch this show.  Not when it comes on tv or anything, but get the dvd's and watch them in order.  My problem when i first got into lost was watching the episodes out of order.  But once i got the dvd's and started watching it i was facinated by they way it progresses. 
Most of the eisodes follow the same format, they will focus on a certain character.  While this character goes through his daily fuck ups, they will show flash backs that not only realate to what they are currently doing, but its adds info to their character while answering the question as to why or how they know certain things.  Most of the main characters i hate, all of them except the main bad guy.  He not only manipulates people all the time, but he does it in such a way that you feel for him.  I wonder why everyone keeps falling into his deception but as you get further into the show, you realise they have no choice but to listen to the bullshit that is fed to them. 
The location is also done very well.  Even though the show is filmed in hawaii, you really get the feeling that these people are on a desert island fucked.  But when you watch the show, just keep in mind nothing is as it seems and you will see some wierd ass shit.  Like polar bears, cars, and beer.  But as the show progresses it gives really good reasons as to why these things are running around the island.  All in all id give the show a 9 out of 10.  Some of the episodes, especially in season one suck donkey dick.  But if you can get passed them and keep watching, it will pay off in the end.  Hell it took me about 2 months to sit down and watch season one cause i hated it.  But then it took me two days to finish season two.  So give the show a chance. 
I know alot of people dont watch things because of the hype it gets.  You know, like when nepoleon dynamite came out and all the people at school were talking about it.  Or how everyone thinks final fantasy seven is the best game ever, cause they have no idea what the fuck was going on the whole game.  But fuck them, they dont know shit.  Dont let assholes ruin good entertainment for you.  Watch it and judge it by what you think.  And not with just lost, but with everything.  Everyone is diff, and everyone likes diff things.  Besides, does it really matter what they think?  Fuck no. 
So just give lost a chance if you didnt watch it cause everyone at the water cooler wont shut the fuck up about it.  Besides you might catch something they didnt, and when they are talking about shit they dont understand, put them in their place.  Everyone loves proving people wrong and dont think you dont.  Just remember, if something is being hyped up dont participate just because some fucktards like it.  Do it or watch it, just dont be a tool and do it just to fit in, or like it so people will smile and laugh at your fuckin jokes. With that said im gonna go and try counsel my brain over the rapeing it has endured.  peace

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Swan...more like acid trip, amirite?

  Ah yes, Black Swan. The movie that is sure to generate Oscar buzz or whatever hell else awards ceremony they have planned. It’s a shame, isn’t it? A big movie buff like me and I have never and probably never will watch the Oscars or Emmys or whatever. I don’t need people to tell me a movie is dope, although on occasion I do need people to tell me what the eff happened in a certain movie. Seriously, go watch Donnie Darko. It took 75 sittings, 3 director commentaries, the reading of the philosophy of time travel, and a lot of drugs to understand that movie. Yet, I am still not sure if I got it right.

   I thought Black Swan was going to be like that. I thought it would be a whole helping of depression, with a side of some graphic sex acts and a crazy ending leaving it up to me to decide if the main character is dead or going to live happily ever after. See the director likes to follow a certain guideline in all his movies. Little to none of what I expected went down like that in this movie. This movie did not roll that way. Instead, I was watching a movie that felt new. It was like the director was someone else. Even his standard use of the camera was upgraded for this film. It’s almost as if he made all the movies just to get enough money to make this one. Hmmm. It would be smart, right? Any who, as I stated, this movie was not at all what I thought it was going to be. It was better in a weird sort of way.

   The basic premise of this movie is some uptight, white girl ballerina who has never done anything without being told to (we all know them types) is auditioning for the role of Swan Lake. Now, if your asking yourself, "Why Willie, what’s Swan Lake?", kindly stop reading here and go back to Youtube. Seriously, I’ve never seen any form of ballet and I know what it is. It’s like one of the most popular things to ever involve hot skinny chicks in tutus, dancing around like a bunch of swans. So anyway, she’s auditioning this role when in walks this loose ballerina chick who rolls and gets generally shitty at bars (we all know them types), who’s clearly a hottie. In white chick A's mind, this new white chick, who shall be called white chick B, is a threat. That’s about when shit gets real. For the next hour or so, this movie fucked my brain hardcore. I’m not talking about that sensual, here’s a bottle of wine and some Al Green, sex either. I mean this movie fucked my brain. hardcore. Over the counter, I’m not taking no for an answer, type of sex. Then after it stopped I’m saying to myself, "Okay, that’s cool, I can rest now." Wrong! this movie kicked the door back down and helped itself to a second helping. Sand paper condom, no lube, all that stuff. This movie is just so weird, it’s awesome. However, the whole time you must remember it’s called Black Swan for a reason. The title will actually give you some comfort in thinking you will know what’s going on and be able to grasp the situation. That is, of course, only until you stop thinking to yourself and start watching the movie again.
   Naturally, I’m going to say the story was dope. I mean it’s unpredictable, not too hard to follow and actually interesting. I’m not saying that I’m into ballet now and that I totally want to go see Swan Lake. I’m just saying Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis making out was dope. Like really, really dope. Which brings me to a good point. I know I live in the South and everyone has delicate sensibility about things like homosexuality and drugs but who the fuck walks out of a lesbian scene? Seriously? This wasn’t an unneeded lesbian scene either and its not like it wasn’t hot. It was very, very hot and too short in my opinion. Some chick just walked out with that smug "I’m better than this" look on her face. Hey lady, it’s like 2011, if you cant appreciate a good muff diving scene, go home and watch TBN till the cows come home. (Hee, I’ve been trying to find a sentence to use that in). The acting was good, specifically from my favorite character in the movie. He add just the right amount of dick natured asshole to the movie without going overboard with it and some comedy too. It’s hard to imagine that I laughed a few times in a movie as crazy as this but he provided the laughs I needed so my brain didn’t feel to bad about the mind rape.
   The music was fitting and had hit at the right places when it needed to. I'm not really into the type of music being played but it seemed to fit. I'm pretty sure its just the Swan Lake soundtrack though lol. As for the acting, it definitely gets like 9000 points from me. Natalie Portman really made me think she was an uptight white chick who lets everyone rule over her and crazy, don't forget crazy. The rest of the actors/actresses did good. There was no one that didn't really seem to fit there except for the piano player but he did fit the part he was playing for. I guess its that the actor didn't fit, just not the role. Seriously, it's like your about to have this acid trip again and then blam! Out of no where he brings us back to reality for 5 whole seconds, which after it ends we go back to the crazy lol. Now my favorite thing about this movie, and yes it will seem silly, was the camera work. Whoever was in control of that thing was effin' amazing and yeah, when the Oscars or whatever comes out, I bet 50 bucks right now, that they win for that shit. I found myself stopping and thinking a lot about how dope that camera work was. Then blam! Acid trip lol. That happens a lot in the movie by the way so pay attention. There are alot of little things that happened where you need to be quick. It's definitely worth checking out. Guys will love the lesbian scene and girls probably dig...well the lesbian scene lol. So go check it out. They definitely need to give that guy more money to make another movie and it will be nice to see Natalie Portman doing a different role this time around.

Oh noes adrian the reds have changed the zodiac again.....

Which is complete bullshit. Well, actually it's not. I've always known that there was a 13th zodiac sign. Of course, it's like it always is in life. I told everyone blackholes were awesome in 6th grade. What did they say to me? "You're a fuckin' idiot dood. Black holes are not real. It's just made up. God, your so stupid." Then in 9th grade, it's public knowledge and accepted by the scientific community that black holes are at the center of every galaxy. It's that kind of attitude from people that I can't stand. I mean, I told some people before that there was a 13th zodiac sign but of course they all just laughed and said, "Dood you're crazy. You need to stop huffing paint." Now, fast-forward to 2011 and guess what bitches. There's a 13th zodiac sign. That kind of attitude from us is why we are never going to advance or leave this planet. If someone comes up with a new theory or idea, he is instantly criticized for being stupid or weird. Then when he turns out right, not even an apology is given. No one thinks about it. No one wants to accept the fact that they were wrong about something. They just sit there and hope people forgot about that time when they were a closed-minded douche nozzle to someone else's ideas. It's all cool because time travel is not yet invented. If it was, I'd be bitch slapping a lot of people and teachers from the past right now. You should all try something new. Try not being a dick. If you are proven wrong about something, accept it. Give yourself a pat on the back and thank the person who proved you wrong, because guess what? You just learned something new. Everytime you learn something new, your XP is increased and you get further to gaining that level that will allow you to be just a little bit smarter and better. That or you can sit there and bitch and moan about how you are right and the rest of the world is stupid and you should get a cookie because you're just being a dumb ho.
Bleh, humanity makes me weep sometimes. I feel like I'm ranting again and not even for the reason I wanted to rant. You see, before this whole 13th sign thing popped up, there was something called sidereel astrology. Look it up. The basic gist is this; When you're out in space, near Earth, the signs change position. So basically, we are all different signs because they are in different positions than if we looked at them with our feet on the Earth. If you stand on the ground and look up, you'd be an Aries but if you're out in space looking in the same direction, you'd be something else. However, with this new 13th sign, I find it funny that the dates are exactly the same. Many other reasons are being thrown into the mix. The Earth has moved, there is a new sign or I was smoking weed when I made the dates up. Really only time will tell. Try not to say "Omfg you're stupid for thinking this is the reason the dates have changed." Try to actually be open-minded. Also, if you feel like saying it's stupid, try another new radical idea they established back in the day. Do some fucking research before hand. All this new astrological sign system stuff does indeed fuck shit up for me. I'm very, very much into my sign. I'm an Aquarius. I act like an Aquarius in every sense of the word. Seriously, ask my ex girlfriends, they will tell you. I even have an Aquarius tat because I love it that much. Now, I'm a Capricorn! Fuck that. I saw I would be a Capricorn if I were born in this day of age. If I was born out in space, I'd be a Capricorn. As it is, the day I was born, I was an Aquarius. I was on Earth. However, I guess being a Capricorn wouldn't be that bad. They have horns and when you ram somone with horns, that shit hurts. Any who, I'm still an Aquarius and you're still your sign unless you want to want to have a mind of your own and come up with your own ideas. But why would you want to do? Anyway, below are the new dates for those who are confused.

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus: May 13 - June 21
Gemini: June 21 - July 20
Cancer: July 20 - Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 - Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 - Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 - Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 - Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 - Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 - Jan. 20

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And so it begins....

So here the beginning of what could potentially be the greatest thing I've ever started in my life.  That or just another one of my crazy antics.  But seeing as I never finish what I start I'm sure this will just fade away into the back of my mind along with all the skits, vids, stories, and loved ones I have completely forgot about.  But anyways it's always fun to start something new.  So I fell into the same category as everyone staring at a screen using a keyboard to type their feelings into a place where no one every really cares, instead they just actively try to demean and hate on you, and hope for people to leave comments about how cool my post was or how awesome my thoughts are.  Makes me feel like I'm in middle school all over again.  playing magic the gathering in the library waiting for someone to say holy shit your a bad ass mage dood.  Seriously been on the internet this long, and never had a blog of any kind.  I'm getting off topic though.  Then again there is no topic to be gotten on.  This is just a first blog about me introducing the fact that ill be writing blogs.  Ive already done that, so whats the point of me continuing to write?  I don't know but i feel as if this isnt finished yet so ill continue and tell you about why i im doing this whole blog thing.  Ive been on the computer for years.  surfing the interwebs, looking at porn, chating and facebooking.  but i never made a blog.  never thought highly of them.  i mean when im telling my real life friends about the shit i do and experience everyday, they dont care.  So why should a bunch of faceless people on the itnerenet be any better?  Guess its one of those things that would bother me if we lived in a world where i still gave a fuck.  This is the internet, i can do almost anything here.  talk about almost anything.  and someone out there would give a damn.  so thus, im doing it.  im starting a blog.  so expect random as thoughts and ideas.  crazy ass reviews on movies, games, and books.  and the occasional ranting of what sarah palin did that day.  seriously people.  how the hell did she ever get far enough to even be considered being appropriate as our vice president?  that lady just looks like shes effin crazy.  and yet you almost let her be our vice president.  i almost went to mexico guys.  no shit, my bags were packed and i was ready to head south.  aint no way i was gonna stay with her in charge.  aint no tellin where we'd be right now.....oh yea be at church holding a gun talking about the queer hunt we are going on after the pot luck.  dodged a bullet there didnt we.  Peace