Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And so it begins....

So here the beginning of what could potentially be the greatest thing I've ever started in my life.  That or just another one of my crazy antics.  But seeing as I never finish what I start I'm sure this will just fade away into the back of my mind along with all the skits, vids, stories, and loved ones I have completely forgot about.  But anyways it's always fun to start something new.  So I fell into the same category as everyone staring at a screen using a keyboard to type their feelings into a place where no one every really cares, instead they just actively try to demean and hate on you, and hope for people to leave comments about how cool my post was or how awesome my thoughts are.  Makes me feel like I'm in middle school all over again.  playing magic the gathering in the library waiting for someone to say holy shit your a bad ass mage dood.  Seriously been on the internet this long, and never had a blog of any kind.  I'm getting off topic though.  Then again there is no topic to be gotten on.  This is just a first blog about me introducing the fact that ill be writing blogs.  Ive already done that, so whats the point of me continuing to write?  I don't know but i feel as if this isnt finished yet so ill continue and tell you about why i im doing this whole blog thing.  Ive been on the computer for years.  surfing the interwebs, looking at porn, chating and facebooking.  but i never made a blog.  never thought highly of them.  i mean when im telling my real life friends about the shit i do and experience everyday, they dont care.  So why should a bunch of faceless people on the itnerenet be any better?  Guess its one of those things that would bother me if we lived in a world where i still gave a fuck.  This is the internet, i can do almost anything here.  talk about almost anything.  and someone out there would give a damn.  so thus, im doing it.  im starting a blog.  so expect random as thoughts and ideas.  crazy ass reviews on movies, games, and books.  and the occasional ranting of what sarah palin did that day.  seriously people.  how the hell did she ever get far enough to even be considered being appropriate as our vice president?  that lady just looks like shes effin crazy.  and yet you almost let her be our vice president.  i almost went to mexico guys.  no shit, my bags were packed and i was ready to head south.  aint no way i was gonna stay with her in charge.  aint no tellin where we'd be right now.....oh yea be at church holding a gun talking about the queer hunt we are going on after the pot luck.  dodged a bullet there didnt we.  Peace


  1. LMAO babe. You are so funny and talented as a writer. I love your writing style. You should definately do this professionally. I agree with what you are saying and I am sure that there are plenty of people on the web who would enjoy reading what you have to say.

  2. Bookmarked...your thoughts better not let me down, Willie. lol